Hi there, a little bit about myself and my work.
Based in Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire since 2002 with my wife Sarah, son Sam and daughter Daisy.
I've been into war gaming and miniature painting from about the age of 12 with Santa gifting my brother and I with the game Advanced HeroQuest, was very much a Games Workshop geek from then on.
I started commission painting in my spare time in 2012, my customers steadily grew over the years to a point where I took the nerve-wracking decision to leave the safety of employment and become a commission painter full-time. Thankfully, with the support of everyone, things have worked out really well.
I'll never make millions, but there is definitely something profound about finding your niche in life, one that you enjoy and are passionate about.

Please have a look through my site, for examples of my painting,reviews and prices.
Feel free to check my contact section to get in touch.

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